UZH Teaching Funds for ZPAC project

Each year the University of Zurich supports innovative concepts in teaching. The project ATStat: Active Training in Statistics (Chat Wacharamanotham, People and Computing Lab, together with Carolin Strobl, Rudolf Debelak, and Stella Bollmann from the Department of Psychology) is one of this year's funding recipients.


In this project, an online interactive platform will be developed for training statistics. Students can directly manipulate data points graphically and immediately see the feedback of changes in statistical values. The user interface to ATStat will be available in both English and German, and the platform will be released with an open source license for future adoption and extension.

The IfI project Erfahrbare ERP-Systeme und ERP-Systementwicklung (Gerhard Schwabe, Information Management Research Group) is also supported by this year's Teaching Fund.