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Department of Informatics

Aniko Hannak becomes Assistant Professor for Social Computing

Aniko Hannak will formally start her professorship January 1, 2020, but joins IfI November 1, 2019, already.

Warmly welcome, Aniko!

Aniko Hannak

Aniko Hannak received her PhD from the College of Computer & Information Science at Northeastern University. She has been assistant professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and faculty member of the Complexity Science Hub since September 2018.

Aniko's main interest lies in computational social sciences, more specifically she is focusing on the co-evolution of online systems and their users. Broadly, her work investigates the potential negative consequences of big data algorithms deployed in domains such as web search, online stores, and online labor markets.

The new position «Social Computing» is concerned with the understanding what the increasing digitalization in people's lives brings for society. Understanding the opportunities and problems that arise due to the massive use of smartphone apps and online platforms requires novel tools that build on both computer science and social sciences.




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