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Department of Informatics

Successful Eurographics 2015 Conference in Zürich

From May 4th to 8th, the 36th Eurographics Conference was successfully held in Zürich at Kongresshaus, organized jointly by Prof. Renato Pajarola from the Department of Informatics (IfI) at UZH and Prof. Markus Gross from Disney Research Zürich (DRZ) and ETH. No less than 477 registered attendees followed the conference, its technical tracks and other events, representing one of the highest attendances ever (2nd largest) in over 30 years of Eurographics. With 32%, the Swiss research community and industry constituted by far the strongest contingent of the participants among all 35 represented countries. Great thanks go to all helpers and volunteers, and in particular to the two key people who helped making this happen, Daniela Meier from IfI and Martina Haefeli from DRZ.

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