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Department of Informatics

SNF Ambizione grant for Fabio Palomba

Our society runs on software: Ranging from financial transactions to health treatments, and more, we rely on software systems. As we witness in the news, the emergence of serious faults sometimes lead to dramatical societal consequences.

The TEst coDe (TED) project aims at bringing software testing to the next level. 



Portrait Fabio Palomba

Fabio Palomba from the Zurich Empirical Software Engineering Team receives the SNF Ambizione Grant for his TEst coDe (TED) project. Congratulations!

The expected long-term benefits of this research are a deeper scientific understanding of testing, improved test effectiveness, and better quality software. Software developers shall have better instruments to detect defects in the software development. And the outcome of the project shall lead to a strong impact on the way software companies can evolve large and complex systems, allowing them the production of more secure and reliable software.

SNF Ambizione grants are aimed at young researchers who wish to conduct, manage and lead an independet project at a Swiss higher education institution.



Weiterführende Informationen

Prof. Dr. Alberto Bacchelli

Head of Zurich Empirical Software Engineering Team 

Dr. Fabio Palomba

Zurich Empirical Software Engineering Team