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Department of Informatics

Registering for ETH-Modules

As from Autumn Semester 2010, all students of the University of Zurich who attend lectures at ETH and wish to take a performance assessment will receive the same treatment as ETH students. As regards registering for, deregistering from and attending a performance assessment, the binding regulations are those of ETH Zurich.

As a result, all UZH students must enrol for course units and register for performance assessments through "myStudies", just like ETH students do. UZH students will be informed of their results either by the appropriate ETH Study Administration Office or by the Degrees Office of the Rectorate.

UZH students who registered as auditors were informed of these changes by a written notification from the Registrar's Office.

Please note that individual examination schedules or special modes of examinations must not be arranged between lecturers and UZH students anymore. Furthermore, lecturers may no longer inform UZH students of their examination results.