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Department of Informatics


The three main research areas at the Department of Informatics are Human-Centered Informatics, Computing and Economics, and Big Data Analysis for the economy and the sciences. In addition we investigate all aspects of the Digitalization that influence economies, the sciences, and society at large.

Research Highlights

  • Man-Machine interaction in Ethics

    Algorithmic support can help with the process in taking ethical decisions.

  • FlowLight

    The FlowLight is an approach we developed to optimize the timing of interruptions and reduce the cost of external interruptions.

  • Advisory Service Support

    Some information needs are so complex that they cannot easily be satisfied by the seeker.

  • Touchstone

    Touchstone2 offers a direct-manipulation interface for generating and examining trade-offs in experiment designs.

  • Biometric sensing

    Support developers by identifying difficult code and sense/indicate focus and interrubtibility.

  • Alpscarf

    Alpscarfs are an extension of scarf plots with mountains and valleys to visualize order-conformity and revisits.

  • Diverse News Recommendations

    How accurate and diverse are algorithmic news recommendations?

How can humans and computers cooperate?

Live talk (in German) by Prof. Abraham Bernstein at Digital Day 2017, Zurich Main Station.


What does the future of online shopping look like?

Live talk (in German) by Prof. Sven Seuken at Digital Day 2017, Zurich Main Station.

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What do we mean by «Informatics»?

Informatics is the study of computational systems, their design, construction, evolution, and coordination, as well as their use by humans, organizations, and society at large.

Computational systems include all systems capable of processing, storing, or transmitting digitized information, including technical, biological, and social systems.