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Department of Informatics

Special Seminar: Open Government Data in the Cloud

Special Seminar: Open Government Data in the Cloud

By Mark Gayler, Open Software Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Where: University of Zurich, Department of Informatics, Room 2.A.01 (

When: Monday, November 21, 16:00h


A wave of Open Government initiatives are occurring around the globe. As part of their drive for more transparency and citizen engagement, many Governments are publishing open data for public consumption. This session will look at examples of open data projects around the world, how these are helping Governments transform their relationship with citizens, and how cloud computing technology is enabling Public Sector organizations to rapidly implement Open Government initiatives.


Mark Gayler is an Open Software Evangelist with Microsoft. He is responsible for helping customers and partners realize the benefits of adoption and deployment of the Microsoft technology platform, particularly in the areas of open standards, interoperability, Cloud Computing and Open Government. Mark is a subject matter expert in the use of information technology for Open Government and Open Data initiatives and is passionate about Governments getting the best out of technology to benefit citizens and public services.

Mark relocated from the UK to Canada in 2007 and currently resides in Vancouver with his wife and daughter. Prior to his current role, Mark was a Government Technology Strategist for Microsoft Canada and previously was Manager of the Technology Specialist team for Microsoft Public Sector in UK.

Mark joined Microsoft in 2003 and managed the Enterprise Strategy Consulting team as part of Microsoft Consulting Services in UK. Before joining Microsoft, Mark spent over 15 years in IT Consulting building global Enterprise IT solutions for blue-chip customers including Swissair, European Patent Office, United Nations, and Delta Air Lines. Mark was educated in Canada and UK and holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys skiing and scuba diving and has recently taken up Golf describing his progress on the Golf course as “less irritating than it used to be”…