Former Faculty

  • Dr. Dr. h.c. Kurt Bauknecht, Full Professor emeritus, *1936,   †2019
    Information and Communication Management; founder of the department; Department Head, 1970–2003
  • Dr. Klaus R. Dittrich, Full Professor, *1950,   †2007
    Database Technology, 1989–2007; Department Head 2003–2007
  • Dr. Martin Glinz, Full Professor emeritus
    Requirements Engineering, 1993–2017; Department Head 2007–2016
  • Dr. Michael Hess, Full Professor emeritus
    Computational Linguistics; at IfI 1994–2001; Head of the Institute of Computational Linguistics (affiliated with IfI) 2001–2014
  • Prof. Dr. Daning Hu, Assistant professor
    Business Intelligence; at IfI 2011–2017, guest since 2018
  • Dr. Rolf Pfeifer, Full Professor emeritus
    Artificial Intelligence (AI Lab), 1987–2014
  • Dr. Gustav Pomberger, Full Professor emeritus, University of Linz, Austria
    Software Engineering; at IfI from 1984–1987
  • Dr. Lutz Richter, Full Professor emeritus, *1935,   †2017
    Systems Architecture and Software, 1984–2001
  • Dr. Helmut Schauer, Full Professor emeritus
    Educational Engineering, 1988–2009
  • Dr. Peter Stucki, Full Professor emeritus, *1937,   †2020
    MultiMedia Lab, 1985–2003; Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, 1998–2002

Former Adjunct Faculty