Current Team

  • Dr. Ahmet Kara (Oberassistent)
    • PhD in Computer Science (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany) on Logics and Automata on data words and data trees and their applications in formal system verification
    • Research interests: principles of factorized computation; incremental view maintenance
  • Antonia Kormpa (PhD student, Oxford)
    • BSc in Computer Engineering and Informatics, MSc in Computer Science (University of Patras, Greece)
    • Research interests: spatial joins
  • Samantha O'Farrell (DaST administrator)
  • Prof. Dr. Dan Olteanu (DaST head)
    • PhD in Computer Science (Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany) on streaming XML queries
    • Research interests: all DAST topics
  • Dr. Nils Vortmeier (Postdoc)
    • PhD in Computer Science (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany) on dynamic descriptive complexity theory
    • Research interests: foundations of databases; incremental view maintenance
  • Haozhe Zhang (Assistant, Zurich; PhD student, Oxford)
    • MSc in Computer Science (University of Oxford, UK)
    • Research interests: incremental view maintenance
  • Dorde Zivanovic (PhD student, Oxford)
    • MSc in Electrical engineering and Computer Science and BSc in Electrical engineering (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
    • Research interests: in-database linear algebra


Alumni of Prof. Dr. Dan Olteanu at the Universities of Oxford, Saarland, and Munich