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Department of Informatics Data Systems and Theory


Head of Data Systems and Theory Group


  • Denise Gloor (; +41 44 635 67 58)

Senior Assistants


Dr. Ahmet Kara
  • PhD in Computer Science (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany) on Logics and Automata on data words and data trees and their applications in formal system verification
  • Research interests: data management and data science, interplay of machine learning and databases, incremental view maintenance


Johannes Marti
Dr. Johannes Marti
  • PhD in logic from the ILLC in Amsterdam and postdocs in theoretical computer science at Strathclyde, Bremen, Amsterdam and Oxford
  • Research interests: applications of logic in database theory


Johannes Marti
Dr. Zilu Tian
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (EPFL)
  • Research interests: agent-based simulations, distributed systems, query language, compiler optimization


Dr. Haozhe Zhang 
  • DPhil in Computer Science (University of Oxford, UK) on Fully Dynamic Evaluation for Conjunctive Queries with Free Access Patterns
  • Research interests: incremental view maintenance


PhD Students


Christoph Mayer
  • MSc in Informatics with Major Data Science  (University of Zurich)
  • Head of Data Science at a real-estate investment firm
  • Analyst & Associate at a private equity investment firm
  • BSc in Management and Technology (Technical University of Munich)
  • Research interests: adaptive query processing


BSc and MSc Students

Student 2 Zheng Luo
  • Shivam Adarsh
  • Samuel Andreas Brügger
  • Songyi Han
  • Yuchen He
  • Rémy Kimbrough (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
  • Liyuan Rong
  • Timo Lennard Tietje
  • Alessandro Vanzo
  • Yizhi Zhang
  • Neng Xu
  • Ming Yi

Current External Collaborators

  • Mahmoud Abo-Khamis, Computer Scientist (RelationalAI)
  • Daniel Deutch Professor (Tel Aviv U.)
  • Ilias Fountalis, Computer Scientist (RelationalAI)
  • Niko Göbel, Computer Scientist (RelationalAI)
  • Christoph Koch, Professor (EPFL)
  • Milos Nikolic, Professor (U. Edinburgh)
  • Amir Shaikhha, Professor (U. Edinburgh)
  • Dan Suciu, Professor (U. Washington)
  • Immanuel Trummer,  Professor (Cornell U.)
  • Nikolaos Vasiloglou, Computer Scientist (RelationalAI)
  • Nils Vortmeier, Postdoctoral Scholar (Ruhr-University Bochum)

Former External Collaborators

  • Balder ten Cate, Computer Scientist (LogicBlox)
  • Ryan R. Curtin, Computer Scientist (RelationalAI)
  • TJ Green, Computer Scientist (LogicBlox)
  • Benny Kimelfeld, Computer Scientist (LogicBlox)
  • Benjamin Moseley, Professor (Carnegie Mellon U.)
  • Hung Q. Ngo, VP Research (RelationalAI)
  • XuanLong Nguyen, Professor (U. Michigan)