Renato Pajarola

Renato Pajarola


Prof Dr. Renato Pajarola
Head of the Visualizion and MultiMedia Lab
Department of Informatics
University of Zurich
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich
Phone +41 44 635 43 70
Room BIN 2.C.02

Additional information

The Paul Erdös number represents the separation of a scientist from the famous mathematician Paul Erdös in terms of co-authoring mathematical research articles, and is an easy way to lose a lot of time browsing bibliographies and the Internet. I calculated my Erdös number to be 3 as follows:

  1. Noga Alon, Paul Erdös. Disjoint edges in geometric graphs. Discrete & Computational Geometry, 4(1):287-290, 1989.
  2. Noga Alon, Shmuel Friedland, and Gil Kalai. Regular subgraphs of almost regular graphs. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 37, pages 79-91, 1984.
  3. Shmuel Friedland, Volker Mehrmann, Renato Pajarola and Susanne K. Suter. On best rank one approximation of tensors. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, to appear, 2013.