How to Align Digitalization with Sustainability?

The Informatics and Sustainability Research (ISR) group, founded in 2010, investigates opportunities and risks of the digital transition for sustainable development. The interdisciplinary group is led by Prof. Lorenz Hilty.

The group applies methods of Technology Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Complex Systems Modelling and Simulation, Design Science Research, and Software Engineering. See our Research and Publication pages for detailed information.


  • Christina Scheidegger interviewed Jan Bieser from the ISR group on the CO2footprint of the ICT sector for "Echo der Zeit", SRF1 radio.

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  • With the diffusion of digital technologies, new forms of sharing have emerged called 'the sharing economy'. A recent article by Maria Pouri provides a comprehensive definition and analysis of the digital sharing economy, paving the ground for sustainablity assessment.

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  • Together with Empa, Swisscom and Swisscleantech, the ISR Group has published a study on the impact of 5G mobile networks on climate protection in Switzerland. The study calculates scenarios for Switzerland in 2030 and answers the following questions:

    (1) How much greenhouse gas emissions will be caused by production and operation of 5G network infrastructure?

    (2) What use cases will benefit from 5G mobile networks and what is their potential to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions?

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