How to Align Digitalization with Sustainability?

This question has been guiding the research and teaching of the ISR group since it was founded in 2010 by Prof. Lorenz Hilty. We study both the opportunities and the risks of the digital transformation for sustainable development.

Our research covers four areas (details on our research page):

  • The footprint of digital technologies
  • Pathways to a sustainable digital society
  • Modelling and simulation for sustainability
  • Supporting sustainable development with data and tools


  • The Report presenting the results of the international "Digital for Sustainablity Project" has now been published as a book. The report provides an overview of the policial challenges in redirecting the development of digital technologies for a deep sustainability transformation.

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  • The World Economic Forum just released a report describing how "digitally empowered cities" can be inclusive and sustainable. Jan Bieser acted as lead author.

    Today, over 54% of all people live in cities, a proportion that will rise to 68% by 2050. It is therefore essential to find ways to use the transformative power of digital technologies in a sustainable way. 

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  • The Master's thesis contributes to research on honey bee populations by automating the observation of bees and classifying the pollen they are harvesting with a technology that does not disturb the beehives. For her work, Anna Jancso got the first Impact Award of the UZH's Economic Faculty at Master level.

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