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News list

  • DIZH funding received

    For her project 'Supporting People Affected by Forced Marriage in Switzerland through Digital Transformation', Nimra has received funding from the DIZH. In this interdisciplinary project, she will be working with the Federal Competence Center against Forced Marriages and partnering with the ZHAW.


  • Nimra receives the SDG Impact Award

    Nimra has received the newly launched SDG Impact Award for her thesis «Designing Technology for People Affected by Forced Marriage in Switzerland». With her thesis, she contributed to the UN SDG Goal 5, «Gender Equality».


  • Workshop at ECSCW 2021

    Anton has co-organized a workshop on "Challenges of transferring UX designs and insights across products and services" at ECSCW'21

  • UZH Forschungskredit grant received

    Anton has received a UZH Postdoc Forschungskredit grant to conduct research on local sharing economy communities in Zurich

  • Workshop at ECSCW 2023

    Anton is co-organizing a workshop on "Spatial tensions in CSCW: The political and ethical challenges of scale" at ECSCW'23 in Trondheim, Norway

  • STSM research visit from Koç University

    Prof. Özge Subaşı from Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey visited ZPAC during her STSM

  • COST Action "Platform Work Inclusion Living Lab"

    Anton Fedosov joined COST Action "Platform Work Inclusion Living Lab"

  • Podcast on Sharing Economy Communities and Their Supporting Technologies

    Anton Fedosov participated in the Sharing and Caring podcast series with Susanne Bødker.

  • GoodBrother International Conference on Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society

    Anton Fedosov co-organized the GoodBrother International Conference on Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society.

  • New grant received

    Chat Wacharamanotham is appointed as an assistant professor in interaction design

  • ZPAC @ CHI 2016

    ZPAC members will present research on smart home, IFTTT, fabrics input, and vibrating vest at CHI 2016

  • Thesis and project topics for summer break 2016

    Two projects are opening for master thesis or master projects

  • New professor at ZPAC

    Chat Wacharamanotham is appointed as an assistant professor in interaction design

  • CHI 2015 Papers, Workshop, and DC Accepted

    We're happy to announce that ZPAC members have two full papers at CHI 2015, as well as a workshop ("Smart for Life: Designing Smart Home Technologies that Evolve with Users") and an entry in the doctoral consortium!

  • CSCW 2015 Paper Accepted

    Nemanja's paper "Capture the Moment: “In the Wild” Longitudinal Case Study of Situated Snapshots Captured Through an Urban Screen in a Community Setting" got accepted to the Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2015) Conference. It will be presented at the conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada in March 2015.

  • UbiComp 2014 Paper Accepted

    Sarah's paper "From Today's Augmented Houses to Tomorrow's Smart Homes: New Directions for Home Automation Research" got accepted to Ubicomp 2014. It will be presented at the conference in Seattle, WA, USA in September 2014.

  • Book Chapter and ICT4S Paper Accepted

    Christian's book chapter "Addressing the obsolescence of end-user devices: Approaches from the field of sustainable HCI" has been accepted and will be published in the upcoming book ICT Innovations for Sustainability. The book chapter also has been accepted for presentation at the ICT4S 2014 conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • DIS 2014 Paper Accepted

    Helen's paper "A Qualitative Study of Workplace Intercultural Communication Tensions in Dyadic Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Interactions" got accepted to the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2014) conference. The paper will be presented at the conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada in June 2014.

  • Interact 2013 Paper Accepted

    We are happy to announce that the paper Supporting Voice Content Sharing among Underprivileged People in Urban Indiawas accepted into the INTERACT 2013conference program.

  • Proposals Accepted

    Three of our PhD students successfully defended their thesis proposals this week. Gunnar Harboe defended his proposal on "Understanding and augmenting a paper arrangement-based process," Sarah Mennicken on "Improving the smart home experience by integrating routines and technologies," and Christian Remy on the "Sustainable design of consumer electronics."

  • AppDJ: A new way to Discover the World of Apps

    Have you ever sat in front of your phone or tablet on a rainy Sunday afternoon wanting to find a new, cool app and been frustrated with searching through the Play store? Did you ever search through many different categories, having a general idea of the app you would want to install, but never quite finding the right app that fulfills this notion? AppDJ is a ZPAC Bachelor Thesis project that tries to address these issues. The AppDJ app is the result of looking into alternative ways to explore and discover apps.

  • Elaine's Antrittsvorlesung

    Prof. Elaine M. Huang will hold her Antrittsvorlesung (Inaugural Lecture), "Practices and perceptions: Environmental sustainability in ubiquitous computing," on Monday, 12. December at 19:30 in the University Aula. The talk is open to the public. (Edit: Previous announcement said it would be at 19:00. 19:30 is the correct time.)

  • CSCW 2012 Note Accepted

    We're happy to announce that a ZPAC short paper, Computer Support for Collaborative Data Analysis: Augmenting Paper Affinity Diagrams(Harboe, Minke, Ilea and Huang), has been accepted as a note for CSCW 2012.

  • New Job Position

    A Master student job position is available. The work involves helping to create a new application for tablets, smart phones and PCs.

  • IFI Summer School 2011

    Sign up for the Summer School at UZH! It will take place from July 4 to 8, 2011 at our institute.

  • Talk by David Dearman

    ZPAC will host a talk by David Dearman of the University of Toronto entitled, “Identifying and applying place-based activities derived from community authored content” on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 13:30 in the HCI Lab (BIN 1.B.18).

  • Colloquium: Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick

    On May 26, 2011 Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick will give a talk in the course of the IFI colloquium.

  • Pervasive 2011 talk

    The paper "Designing Shared Public Display Networks – Implications from Today’s Paper-Based Notice Areas" will be presented at the Pervasive 2011 conference.

  • CHI 2011 talk

    We will present the note "Rendering Physical Effects in Tabletop Controls" at the SIGCHI 2011 conference.

  • Leila Takayama at ZPAC

    Leila Takayama of Willow Garage is visiting ZPAC on March 10, 2011.

  • Nadir Weibel on Pen Computing in the Wild

    Nadir Weibel is visiting ZPAC on December 10, 2010 to present his current research.

  • James Scott on Gadgeteer

    James Scott visits ZPAC on November 5, 2011 to present his research.