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Department of Informatics People and Computing Lab

Workshop at ECSCW 2021

Dr. Anton Fedosov has co-organized a workshop entitled "Challenges of transferring UX designs and insights across products and services" at the 2022 European Computer-Supported Cooperated Work Conference


The increased popularity of UX design practices in the industry led to the creation of more usable, useful, and enjoyable digital products and services. Nonetheless, the scope of the UX efforts generally concerns a single product or project under development. In this workshop, we call for the shift beyond a single product paradigm towards a more ecosystemic approach in UX design to create long-lasting, reusable, and transferable UX artifacts.

We invite scholars, who are interested in UX processes at work, and UX practitioners, leaders, and managers, to help us synthesize the current state of the discussion to create a UX research agenda for designing integrated digital work environments, unpacking development, users, and change perspectives to aid knowledge transfer across projects and overtime.

More details about the workshop