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Department of Informatics People and Computing Lab

Workshop at ECSCW 2023

Dr. Anton Fedosov is co-organizing a workshop entitled "Spatial tensions in CSCW: The political and ethical challenges of scale" at the 2023 European Computer-Supported Cooperated Work Conference in Trondheim, Norway. 


This workshop advances a CSCW-perspective on how scale and place relate and how we might better understand what role scale plays in the design of tools and collaborative processes. This full-day workshop is designed for up to 20 participants, to be selected based on short position papers that relate to one or more of the workshop themes:

  1. the political and ethical challenges of scale,
  2. modes of organizing, infrastructuring, and governing, 
  3. (inter)organizational aspects, 
  4. place and care.

More details about the workshop