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Department of Informatics Informatics and Sustainability Research

Master Project 2020 – Bee observation platform for citizen science

We are searching for two Master Project candidates with interest in DevOps, Software Architecture and Integration.  The goal of this project is  is the creation of a platform to integrate bee observations  as well as to realise bee tracking functionality through video. This project builds on an existing Master project.

Honeybees play an important role in our ecosystem. However, there are still many open questions regarding its behaviour, and we can learn a lot from observations in regards to climate, biodiversity or environmental pollution. 

This project is divided in two parts, one includes tracking of bees in videos to obtain information regarding bee flows and how many of them bring pollen (project undergoing). 

The second part, which is open for a masters project, is the creation of a platform to integrate bee observations through users as well as the bee tracking functionality through video(Part 1). This platform will be then used by researchers, beekeepers and citizen projects that might involve school or even open public. The platform must be developed in the cloud (currently Azure), including API reading from labeling platform, model management and data management. 

We are searching for two candidates with interest in DevOps, SW Architecture and Integration, that one candidate has experience in these topics is a great plus, as well as a team who has already worked together in one other course. 

The project will be done in the Informatics and Sustainability Research Group (Prof. Lorenz Hilty) with Dr. Clemens Mader and, from the ETH Institute for Molecular Systems Biology, Daniel Boschung.

The starting date of the project is open, you could start as soon as possible because specifications and scope are ready.

Contact for questions and registration please contact Clemens Mader.