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Department of Informatics Database Technology

Student Projects 2019

Theses Archive

Student Projects 2019

Student Topic Report Task Type Supervisor Deadline
Sajan Srikugan Heatmap Implementation in Swiss Feed Database with Google API Report (PDF, 2 MB) Task (PDF, 35 KB) MScBasis Michael Böhlen


Claudio Brasser A Seamless Integrating of Management and Statistical Computations Report (PDF, 127 KB) Task (PDF, 105 KB) MScBasis Michael Böhlen


Alphonse Mariyagnanaseelan Gathering SQRT calculation Report (PDF, 158 KB) Task (PDF, 77 KB) MScBasis Oksana Dolmatova 2.7.2019
Timo Surbeck Implementing Self Addition Inside MonetDB Report (PDF, 144 KB) Task (PDF, 62 KB) MScBasis Oksana Dolmatova 25.6.2019
Jonathan Stahl Implementing Self Multiplication Inside MonetDB Report (PDF, 142 KB) Task (PDF, 64 KB) MScBasis Oksana Dolmatova 25.6.2019
Isabel Margolis Comparing Multivariate Time Series Report (PDF, 565 KB) Task (PDF, 73 KB) MScBasis Sven Helmer 4.6.2019
Nicolas Spielmann

Implementation of Single-Point Discrete Fourier Transform on two dimensional data

Report (PDF, 1 MB) Task (PDF, 137 KB) BSc Muhammad Saad 3.5.2019
Luka Popovic Measuring the Similarity of Movies Based on Multidimensional Features Report (PDF, 220 KB) Task (PDF, 68 KB) MScBasis Sven Helmer 30.4.2019
Nathalie Torrent Data Curation in the Swiss Feed Database Report (PDF, 3 MB) Task (PDF, 83 KB) MScBasis Michael Böhlen 3.4.2019
Dmytro Polyanskyy Implementation of RPP indexes in Apache Jackrabbit Oak Report (PDF, 202 KB) Task (PDF, 85 KB) MScBasis Kevin Wellenzohn 2.4.2019