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Department of Informatics Database Technology

DBTG SW and HW Setup

This page very briefly describes the default SW and HW setup that we use for teaching and research.

The IfI home directory is on the machine The home directories are regulary backed up. On the same machine there is the directory for files that must be accessible from the web (e.g., course slides).


We strongly recommend that you use latex to write report and theses. To get started make sure you can compile the following template. Once this works edit the file ifiThesisEs.tex (give it a more specific name) and write your thesis. Focus on the content and do not get lost in typesetting (latex does it for you). You will learn the needed latex concepts along the way.

IFI Database Account

Here is information about how to get and use an IFI database account (accounts are valid for the current semester and will be deleted without further notice at the end of the semester).

PostgreSQL (version 8.4.21):

  • Get an account: email request with your student matriculation number (e.g., s0123456) to Kevin Wellenzohn
  • Command line access: psql -h -U s0123456 (Note that the psql utility must have SSL support)
  • GUI access:
  • All the information in every account is accessible from the other accounts, but can be changed only by its owner


Subversion is an open source revision control system which maintains current and historical versions of files such as source codes, text documents, images and etc. Typically, Subversion repositories are kept in external servers that allows multiple people from different locations to work simultaneously on the same file(s).

Subversion commands are executed in a command line using svn executable. There are four main commands:

  • 'svn checkout '' - will create directory 'shared_repository' and download current version of all files.
  • 'svn commit' - sends modified content to the repository.
  • 'svn update' - updates your local files with the recent changes in the repository.
  • 'svn add new_file' - adds new file to the repository.