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Department of Informatics Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group

Master Projects

Open Projects

Currently there is no open Master Project in my group. However, when you already have assembled a team and a particular project in mind that is related to machine learning or artificial intelligence, feel free to contact me. You should also consider my topics of interest, which can be seen in Theses.

Current Projects




Zero-shot / One-shot activity recognition  

Hyeongkyun Kim

Orestis Oikonomou

Redesign and Extension of Source Code Package for Open-Set Classification Project (PDF, 132 KB)

Nicolas Fazli Kohler

Dean Heizmann

David Lebrec

Past Projects

Topic Documents Team
Parallel Implementation of Gabor Wavelet Processing in PyTorch

Project (PDF, 130 KB)



Huiran Duan

Zelin Wu

Activity recognition based on the wrist-worn Axivity AX3

Report (PDF, 7 MB)

BibTeX (BIB, 337 bytes)

Siqi Bao

He Liu

UniFi - A Unified Framework for Portfolio Management

Project (PDF, 126 KB)

Report (PDF, 2 MB)

BibTeX (BIB, 393 bytes)

Barıs Özakar

Dogan Parlak

Emine Didem Durukan

Open-Source Package for Generic Deep-Network-based Face Detection and Recognition in Bob

Project (PDF, 138 KB)

Report (PDF, 1 MB)

BibTeX (BIB, 380 bytes)

Yu Linghu

Xinyi Zhang

Parallel Implementation of Data Augmentation for Alignment-Free Facial Attribute Classification in PyTorch

Project (PDF, 130 KB)

Report (PDF, 6 MB)

BibTeX (BIB, 417 bytes)

Yves Rutishauser

Noah Chavannes