While studying

On this page we provide additional information relevant to your studies, e.g., registration forms, information sheets, downloads of presentations. If you can't find what you're looking for, a link is broken, or an English translation is missing, please contact us and we will try to add the missing parts.

Please note: Electronic submission

Until further notice, all Bachelorʼs and Masterʼs theses, registrations, etc. have to be submitted digitally from your UZH e-mail address to  studies@ifi.uzh.ch


General notes

Disclaimer: No responsibility is taken for the accuracy or completeness of this information.

  • Inform yourself about the respective deadlines (module booking and cancellation, submission of written work, etc.), set reminders in your calendar.
  • Always plan enough buffer time (several days for printing, binding and mailing, at least 1 day for electronic submission – the internet is guaranteed to fail exactly when you want to upload your work 10 seconds before the deadline)
  • Follow the required order of certain modules, e.g., compulsory program of the 3rd and 4th semester > Informatics Internship > Bachelorʼs Thesis
  • Read the corresponding fact sheets promptly when you start a self-study module (fact sheets are revised from time to time; the version currently published on the IfI website applies)

Specializations and Topics per Professor

Please contact the professors according to the table below. 1 = first priority, 2 = second priority for a Topic Area.


Alberto Bacchelli
Zurich Empirical Software Engineering Team

  1 1     2  
Jürgen Bernard
Interactive Visual Data Analysis Group
2   1     1  
Abraham Bernstein
Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group
2 1 1     1 1
Michael Böhlen
Database Technology Group
2 1     1 1 1
Thomas Fritz
Human Aspects of Software Engineering Lab
2 1 1   2 2  

Harald Gall
Software Evolution and Architecture Lab

Manuel Günther
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group
        2 2 1
Anikó Hannák
Social Computing Group
1   1 2   1  
Lorenz Hilty
Informatics and Sustainability Research Group
1   1 2 2 2  
Elaine Huang
People and Computing Lab
2   1        
Dan Olteanu
Data Systems and Theory Group
  1     1 1 1
Renato Pajarola
Visualization and MultiMedia Lab
  1 2   1 1 2
Davide Scaramuzza
Robotics and Perception Group
    2     2 1
Ingo Scholtes
Data Analytics Group
          1 1
Gerhard Schwabe
Information Management Research Group
1 2 1        
Sven Seuken
Computation and Economics Research Group
  2   1 2   2
Burkhard Stiller
Communication Systems Group
2 1   2 1 1 2
Claudio Tessone
Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies
1     2   1 2

Chat Wacharamanotham
People and Computing Lab

2 2 1   2 2  

Explanation: IS = Information Systems · SoSy = Software Systems · POC = People-Oriented Computing · CE = Computation and Economics · INW = Informatics with Natural Sciences (only BSc) · DS = Data Science (only MSc) · AI = Artificial Intelligence (only MSc)

If you cannot find an interesting topic, you may contact the research groups directly.

Tutors and Teaching Assistants

Each semester, IfI seeks tutors and teaching assistants for a number of modules:

Fall semester

Spring semester

Administrative process

If you are interested in working as a Tutor or Teaching Assistant and think you have enough knowledge and experience in the respective subject, please send an e-mail to the corresponding contact person with the following information:

Name, matriculation number, semester, any previous experience as Tutor/TA (if so, when and for which subject), further knowledge (e.g., programming), short self-introduction, previous study achievements.

You will then be placed on a list of candidates and contacted by us for a discussion.

Note: You can only enroll as Tutor or TA after you have been confirmed. Enrollment is then carried out by the corresponding contact person with a form (signed by the lecturer) at the department secretary, office 2.B.11, phone 044 635 43 21. The registration must be handed in by the beginning of the course at the very latest.

Registration Tutor/Teaching Assistant (PDF, 69 KB)