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Department of Informatics

Studying Informatics at the University of Zurich

What we offer

  • Information Systems
  • Software Systems
  • Informatics with Natural Sciences
  • People-Oriented Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science


If you study Computer Sciences at the IfI, you learn to shape the digital world of tomorrow – whether in online trading, health care, finances or media. 

There is a difference between the IfI and the Departments of Informatics of other Universities due to its affiliation to business and economics. The interface between economy and informatics has immense future potential in this period of digitalisation. 

At the IfI the students select their Major and Minor according to their preferences. In this way they form the education to an individual specialization. This specialization is visible in the degree certificate and will enhance the job market opportunities.  

What you offer

Future computer scientists are curious and have interest in:

  • solving complex problems
  • abstract thinking 
  • working systematicalla and with accuracy 
  • topics of communication and communication skills
  • interdisciplinary teamwork

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Human-Centered Informatics

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Impressions from studying Informatics

Why should I study Informatics?

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After having finished her PhD at the Department of Informatics in 2016, Irina Todoran Koitz has been working as Application Manager at Siemens.