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Government as a Platform

Orchestrating stakeholders in crisis situations through digital platforms in the canton of Zurich

The refugee dynamic remains a real challenge for Europe, including Switzerland. The rapidly evolving crisis has been and remains a challenge for the cantonal authorities. The public administration is given the task to quickly build platforms that cover the needs of the various stakeholders. The question remained how to coordinate the activities of the many heterogeneous actors involved in the crisis in the fastest time. These include 1) organizational actors such as public administrations, NGOs, private companies, schools, etc., and 2) individuals such as refugees themselves and volunteers.

To address the different demands of the emergency situation, the public administration should transform itself into a platform. The approach is known as 'Government as a Platform' (GaaP). Under GaaP, the public sector transforms into an open platform where actors inside and outside the administration can innovate and contribute to the co-creation of better public services.

In our project, we aim to take advantage of digital platforms and their principles to improve the coordination and orchestration of relevant actors in the Canton of Zurich (KtZH) in the context of the Ukraine crisis. We will develop an 'orchestration framework' that will support the platformization of public administration in terms of technical, organizational, and cultural 'capabilities'.

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