Workshop Theme

The workshop will explore the following topical areas when it comes to generating cross-project knowledge within large-scale organizations. Those topics are interrelated, however, they may help us to distinguish between different elements of our overall goal of the workshop to unpack learnings and challenges of transferable UX design and insights across multiple products and services.

Development view: integrating UX early on and throughout the development

The development view emphasizes the actual processes and practices that lead to a new service or a solution. Contemporary UX approaches need to fit with those fast-paced development practices (e.g., agile methods). Therefore we inquire:
●    How might we adapt our user insights and recommendations to the particular stage of the development of a new solution and the different involved contributors (e.g., portfolio manager, enterprise architect, agile team)? 
●    How might we do it within the popular agile approaches for development (e.g., Scrum) and their design adaptations (e.g., Lean UX)?
●    How might we collect and share user insights to design new work environments that combine and integrate multiple products at once?

Worker view: designing for the end-user considering a myriad of tools

We argue that end-users struggle with not only the myriads of existing tools but also continuous changes in their work processes often introduced with those new tools. Therefore we prompt participants:
●    How might we design integrated digital environments, where several products are well aligned from a user and group of users’ perspectives?
●    How do we take issues, such as awareness, safety, accessibility, usability, and worker well-being, into account before, during, and after the introduction of a digital solution into a workplace with many other parallel solutions and workarounds?
●    What kind of design research approaches may foster a more holistic and systemic view?

Change view: adopting new forms to communicate, coordinate and collaborate

Companies undergo the ongoing processes of change, which particularities need to be addressed during the deployment of a new solution. We propose to discuss learnings around:
●    How might we better design the change process from one socio-technical work system to a new socio-technical system, without having a final view from the outset?
●    How might we take into account companies’ organizational culture?
●    How might we incorporate the re-design of the collaborative practices and related team-work in the design process of a new digital system in a given environment we design it for?