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Department of Informatics

Seminar allocation in Informatics

As of fall 2022 the allocation of students to seminars at the Department of Informatics will be done through the new module booking tool. If there is a shortage of seats, we will give preference to students that are majoring in informatics and have not yet attended a seminar and are already far in their studies. Please note that we cannot guarantee a spot and that usually in spring semester there are more seminars available.


Please note: there is no first come first serve allocation. So you may apply at any time whithin the whole request period and have the same chances to get allocated.


There is no limitation on how many seminars you can submit a request for. However, please only apply for seminars you would actually attend if you get allocated. You will not get a higher priority in your preferred seminar just because you applied for several seminars.

How to find an informatics seminar

  1. Open the online course catalogue:
  2. Go to "Search"
  3. Enter "22BIS" for seminars on the Bachelor’s level or "22MIS" for seminars on the Master’s level in the search field on top of the page ("Search for Title, Short, Description").

How to apply

  1. Request a spot in the new module booking tool. Instructions and a video can be found here:
  2. In the field "Notes" it is required to add the following information:
    List all the informatics seminars (ranked by priority) for which you have submitted a request. You can use the same text for each request.
    Is this your first informatics seminar booking (indicate with a “Yes”) in your degree level or have you already successfully completed another informatics seminar (indicate with a “No”)?
  3. After the request period is over we will allocate the seminar spots.
  4. If you have been allocated to the seminar then the next step would be to join the kick-off meeting in the first week and decide if you keep your seat.
  5. If you have been allocated to the waiting list it is absolutely necessary that you join the kick-off meeting of the seminar in the first week in case you plan to accept the spot (provided that someone else cancels and thus a spot became available to you).

Important: if you have been allocated to a seminar and you decide NOT to take the seat you have to cancel your request as early as possible but no later then shortly after the kick-off meeting so that another student from the waiting list can move up. 

Students that do not participate in the seminar and do not cancel the booking will lose their priority for seminar requests in the future.


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