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Department of Informatics Information Management Research Group

Seminar: Information Management (Bachelor / Master)


This year's seminar will deal with the topic "Computers as Teammates". It is about how computers use AI techniques to take on roles in teamwork that were previously assumed by humans. This seminar is about applications, as well as organization and management of such new collaborations. Technical aspects are only given in an overview. The individual topics will be published on the working group's website at the end of January 2021.

Module (Bachelor): BINFS148

Module (Master): MINFS550

ECTS Points: 6.0

VVZ Link: BSc, MSc


The information session and topic assignment will take place remotely on the February 24th 2021.

  • February 24th 2021 from 16.15-17.45 Topic assignment
  • March 3rd 16.15-17.45 Introduction to scientific writing
  • April 14th 16.15-17.45 Introduction to Reviewing
  • April 18th 24.00 Submission first version
  • April 25th, 24.00 Submission of reviews
  • May 16th: 24.00 Submission final version
  • Block seminar:
    • Thursday, May 20th from 16.00-19.00
    • Friday, May 21st from 12.30-18.00
    • Saturday, May 22nd from 9 - 18.00




  • Seminar paper (first readable version, final version)
  • Written feedback to your peer students for 2-3 other seminar papers ("Peer-Review")
  • Continuous and active participation in the block seminar at the end of the semester, including a presentation of your seminar paper.

Further information

This module takes place online. Materials and recordings are made available online. It is possible to ask questions and discuss online via MS Teams. All lectures, excercises and presentations will be conducted with MS Teams. We want to make them as social and interactive as possible. Therefore, the participants are required to use a computer with two-way video connections (using the camera from the computer, from a smartphone or an external webcam). This two-way video connection has to be turned on during all synchronous sessions. This seminar is limited to 10 participants.

IMPORTANT: Simply booking the seminar in the module booking tool does not guarantee a spot. Getting a spot for sure is only possible if students also register via between January 19th and February 8th, 2021. More information on the process can be found on our website:

Topics for seminar papers

Here you will find the list of the topics, offered within the seminar. 'B:'-topics can be chosen by bachelor students, 'M:'-topics can be chosen by master students. The type of seminar paper describes the method(s) to be used in the seminar paper. Please, see them as an indication. The exact method(s) will be discussed and specified by the advisor.





B: Natural Language Processing: what is it, what tools exist, and why does it matter so much for the future of work?

Literature Review

M: Learning and knowledge processing of artificial teammates: technical approaches and considerations

Literature Review / development of small prototype

M: Verbal and non-verbal communication of robots

Literature Review

B: Human’s perception of computer teammates

Literature Review

M: Value Alignment in Future Work Settings: Mapping out the practical aspects

Prompt-Based Interviews / Design Fictions 



M: Business models for computers as teammates

Literature Review

M: Future of Work – Collaborative work models of future human and AI cooperation.

Literature Review / Media Analysis / Survey with young professionals

M: Collaborative Intelligence: Distribution of work between AI and humans

Literature Review / Media Analysis


B: Financial advice giving

Literature Review / Survey

M: Workshops

Literature Review

B: Pedagogical Agents and homeschooling: technical and pedagogical perspectives

Literature Review with Interviews

M: eHealth

Literature Review with Interviews

B: e-Gov

Literature Review with Interviews

B: Industry

Literature Review with Interviews

B: Crowdsourcing vs. Sharing Economy

Literature Review / Media Analysis 

B: AI-Co-Writer (Text Generation): Possible scenarios and limitations in customer feedback management

Analysis of secondary data + Literature Review / Survey

M: Development guidelines of systems for fair task assignment to human performers (fair AI-Manager)

Literature Review / Media Analysis

B: Artificial teammates in industrial maintenance and support services: applications, considerations and implications

Literature Review / Case study

M: Social Support

Literature Review / Survey

B: Delivery Drones/Multicopters and their perception by the public

Literature Review / Media Analysis 

B: Envisioning an AI-Companion for Home Office

Interviews including Design Fictions / Rapid Prototyping & State-of-the-Art 

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