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Department of Informatics Information Management Research Group

Blockchain in the Travel Industry

Project description

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchain will be formative technologies for the travel industry in the years to come. Especially, as the travel industry is highly fragmented and dominated by powerful intermediaries, blockchain technology offers the potential to build a more efficient, more direct travel distribution. 

In our project we investigate the potential of blockchain for the travel industry from different angles:

  • Potential disintermediation, reintermediation and cybermediation
  • The governance and network effects of new community/cooperative based travel distribution platforms
  • The role of the “digital me” – the influence of Self-Sovereign-Identities (SSIs) for marketing and travel operations
  • Tokenization in the travel industry: 
    • NFTs and tokenized loyalty programs
    • Tokenized inventory
  • Travel in the metaverse – the fusion of virtual and physical travel

Theses and projects

You want to be part of the innovation in an exciting industry and shape the future of travel together with us and industry partners?  We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss opportunities for a thesis or project.

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