Master Theses

Here you find an overview about our currently available master theses. Further information about the MSc program can be found at

Please, keep in mind that thesis submitted in August and February will not be corrected before semester degree conferral dates!

Rolling out a Blockchain Health Token

The startup company Centiva will roll out their Blockchain based health token this spring. This master thesis will develop an incentive scheme for contributing high quality health data and evaluate how this scheme works. This master thesis is a unique opportunity for students interested in Blockchains and entrepreneurship. The student should have the skills to formalize an incentive scheme into an economic model. Please contact Professor Schwabe directly for further information.

Blockchain Application in the Car Ecosystem

A large car business plans to roll out their Blockchain-based application. This master thesis will accompany the role out and evaluate its market and user effects. This master thesis is a unique opportunity for students interested in Blockchains and the car ecosystem. The student should have the skills to formalize evaluations criteria, carry out evaluation and apply statistical methods for data analysis. Please contact Professor Schwabe and Ingrid Bauer for further information.

Digital Agents in eHealth: The missing piece in the puzzle?

Are digital agents such as Siri and Alexa a game changer in eHealth? In this thesis you will analyze existing eHealth applications that leverage the potential of digital assistans in their interaction with patients. 

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Dario Staehelin

Evaluating and re-inventing the business model of a car booking service

In collaboration with a start-up company, during this thesis you will evaluate the current platform based business model, and develop an idea, how this start-up can reinvent it. Blockchain Technologies can be apart of the solution. Explore the future of mobility together with the industry partner!

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Token Analysis

VotingThis thesis aims to explore the token landscape. You will work with an international teams and gain access to one of today's largest token data bases. You will have the opportunity to test the applicability of analytical tools along real world blockchain tokens as well as work on enhancing current token classification and standardization tools for both academics and practice. read more

Intelligent co-writing: potentials for online customer feedback management

Within the Readvisor project, we will conduct a final evaluation of the developed solution in the coming fall. This evaluation is about examining more closely the effects of AI deployment in online customer feedback management. We will focus on several aspects, including the quality of the responses produced.  In this master thesis, you will conduct online surveys, analyze the collected data quantitatively as well as qualitatively.  

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 Dzmitry Katsiuba