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Department of Informatics Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group

Past Theses

This page lists previous theses written in the AIML group, including links to the published thesis documents.

Very good theses are marked in bold font.

Bachelor's Theses



Name Topic Publication
Johanna Bieri Visualization of Facial Attribute Classifiers via Class Activation Mapping

Merlin: 24056

Uros Dimitrijevic

Adversarial Training for Improved Adversarial Stability in Open-Set Networks Merlin: 24094


Name Topic Publication
Matthias Mylaeus Low-Resolution Face Recognition Using Rank Lists

Merlin: 22681


Name Topic Publication
Ramize Abdili Stability Analysis of Facial Attributes for Improved Face Recognition


Merlin: 21091

Lara Fried Optical Flow with Gabor Jets


Merlin: 21854

Micheal Pablo Hodel Adversarial Training with Layerwise Origin-Target


Merlin: 21092

Raffael Mogicato

Correlation Analysis of Facial Attributes; with Respect to Face Identity


Merlin: 21409

Dominic Schmidli Face Recognition Aspects with DNNs -- An Experimental and Reproducible Research Survey


Merlin: 21245

Jan Schnyder

Deep Adversarial Training for Teaching Networks to Reject Unknown Inputs


Merlin: 21410

Tom Marco Wartmann Frontal to Profile Face Recognition with Rank Lists


Merlin: 21060

Master's Theses


Name Topic Publication
Gabriele Brunini Deep Learning with Temporal Context for Sleep Stage Classification Merlin: 23970

Eduard Cuba

Pattern Recognition for Particle Shower Reconstruction Merlin: 23612
Emine Didem Durukan Forest Drought Prediction based on Spatio-temporal Satellite Imagery and Weather Forecasts Merlin: 23614
Omnia ElSaadany Negative Sample Generation for Open-set Text-based Intent Recognition Merlin: 23557
Özgür Acar Güler Explaining CNN-Based Active Tuberculosis Detection in Chest X-Rays through Saliency Mapping Techniques Merlin: 24103
Remo Tobias Hertig Deep Radial Basis-Function Networks for Open-Set Classification

Description (PDF, 66 KB)

Merlin: 24102

Raffael Mogicato Learning Semantics of Classes in Image Classification: Attention-Sharing between Hierarchies

Description (PDF, 65 KB)

Merlin: 23976

Xiao Tan Semantic Segmentation of Weakly Labeled Retinal Images Merlin: 23611
Laurin van den Bergh Improved Losses for Open-Set Classification Merlin: 23969
Maximilian Weber Visualization of Deep Features with Grad-CAM and LOTS Merlin: 23797


Name Topic Publication

Kevin Bohn

Transfer Learning in Small Image Databases Merlin: 22622
Noah Chavannes Multi-Target Adversarial Attacks with LOTS Merlin: 22468
Yingying Chen Explainable Classification of COVID-19 in Chest X-ray Images Merlin: 22963
Adrian Iten Classification of Symbols handwritten by Children Merlin: 23027
Rohit Kaushik Portability of Targeted Adversarial Attacks Merlin: 22451
Mariia Lapaeva MR-based synthetic CT generation for MR-guided radiotherapy Merlin: 22446
Yu Linghu Open-Set Face Recognition with Entropic Open-Set Loss Merlin: 22304
Andres Palechor Adversarial Training for Open-Set Classification Merlin: 22396
Pratyush Singh Table Detection and Structure Recognition; A pragmatic approach Merlin: 22401

Mike Suter

Development and Comparison of Open Set Classification Techniques on ImageNet Merlin: 22689
Qiaowen Wang Intraoperative Surgical Tool Pose Estimation Based on Fluoroscopic Landmark Detection Merlin: 23046
Peng Yan Combined-GAN: Utilizing GAN for Open-Set Recognition by Generating Effective Unknown Samples Merlin: 22476
Xinyi Zhang Facial Video Recognition via 3D Convolutional Networks Merlin: 22314


Name Topic Publication
Annesha Bhoumik Open-set Classification on ImageNet Merlin: 21577
Yuang Cheng Improved Facial Attribute Classification through Selective Test Data Augmentation


Merlin: 21135

Pascal Engeli Stabilizing Non-Maximum-Suppression


Merlin: 21855

Isabel Margolis Data Augmentation for Improved Classification in Neural Networks


Merlin: 21090

Vincent A. Rüegge The Influence of Colour on Image Classification and Face Recognition


Merlin: 20947

Severin Siffert

Influence Of Changing Environments On Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithms Merlin: 21669
Yun Wang Improved Face Recognition Through Image Perturbation


Merlin: 21713