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Department of Informatics People and Computing Lab

HS 2023 - Fundamentals of People-Oriented Computing

1510 – Fundamentals of People-Oriented Computing

Course description

This course serves as an introductory module for People-Oriented Computing and will focus on learning to read, analyze, and synthesize scientific texts. Students will choose from a selection of available topics within the area of People-Oriented Computing and be provided with a set of scholarly readings about the topic. They will be expected to read the texts independently and take an oral examination to assess their understanding of the readings and topic.

Students enrolled in the course will learn how to read and analyze scientific texts independently. Students will also learn to synthesize aspects of research across multiple readings within a research area. The oral examination will test students’ comprehension of the assigned reading, as well as their ability to critically analyze the research and reflect on the research topic as a whole.


100% Oral Exam

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