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Department of Informatics People and Computing Lab

Chia-Kai Yang. ir.



Chia-Kai Yang
Department of Informatics
University of Zurich
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich
Room BIN 2.B.07
Tel +41 44 63 56727

Chia-Kai Yang is a PhD student at the People and Computing Lab at the University of Zurich, supervised by Prof. Chat Wacharamanotham.
He obtained his first Diploma (M.Sc.) at the Electrical Engineering in 2003, from National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan.
In 2016, he received his second Diploma (M.Sc.) at the Human Technology Interaction (HTI) from Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.
From 2010-2014, he was a senior Design for Testability (DFT) engineer in Nvidia. Prior to that, he worked as an Application-Specific Integrated-Circuit (ASIC) consultant in Faraday Technology (2008-2009) and digital IC designer in Elan Microelectronics (2003-2008).

Originated from the fusion of hardware design and HTI expertise, he possesses profound interests in trend prediction, process mining, statistical data analysis, and integrating high-level knowledge with low-level machine data. His research topic focuses on building a better statistical tool with the use of modern eye-tracking devices; to help users conduct statistical analysis and consume statistical reports.

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Chia-Kai left UZH in August 2020 to work in an electronics company in Germany as a user interface specialist in software for circuit design.


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