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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab

Eurographics 2013 STAR and Tutorial

Eurographics 2013 Presentations

This year at the Eurographics conference, we are presenting research around GPU-based direct volume visualization. The visualization of large volume datasets has lead to a number of approaches on how to compactly represent a volume dataset. In our STAR (state-of-the-art report), we are giving a general overview on the available compact volume representations and a how they can efficiently be used for rendering.

Besides the STAR presentation, we are giving a tutorial on one specific compact data representation approach, namely tensor approximation. Tensor approximation is a higher-order extension of the SVD or the PCA and has recently received increased attention in the fields of scientific visualization and graphics. The tutorial includes a general introduction to the topic of tensor approximation as well as numerous examples on applications in scientific visualization and graphics.

Eurographics 2013 Schedule:

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