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Department of Informatics Visualization and Multimedia Lab

Two new Journal Articles in CGF and C&G and Workshop Contribution

Our research in geographic visualization and 3D reconstruction has lead to two journal articles. The paper "Large-Scale Pixel-Precise Deferred Vector Maps" by Matthias Thöny, Markus Billeter and Renato Pajarola will appear in the Computer Graphics Forum journal. Additionally, the paper "Robust Enhancement of Depth Images from Depth Sensors" by A.B. M. Tariqul Islam, Christian Scheel, Renato Pajarola, and Oliver G. Staadt will appear in Computers & Graphics. At the Workshop on Computer Vision in Digital Humanities, we present our work on "Deep Learning Tools for Foreground-Aware Analysis of Film Colors" by Barbara Flückiger, Noyan Evirgen, Enrique G. Paredes, Rafael Ballester-Ripoll, and Renato Pajarola.