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Department of Informatics Requirements Engineering Research Group

Paper published in Information and Software Technology journal

A paper by Sofija Hotomski and Martin Glinz has been published by Elsevier in the journal Information and Software Technology (IST).
The paper is about the GuideGen, an approach and tool for keeping requirements and acceptance tests aligned when requirements evolve. Whenever a requirement is changed, GuideGen analyzes the change and automatically generates advice for the testers how to adapt the corresponding acceptance tests. The paper extends our paper published at REFSQ 2018 which won the best paper award (see RERG news of March 23, 2018). The reported results constitute a major part of the PhD research of Sofija Hotomski.

Sofija Hotomski and Martin Glinz (2019). GuideGen: An Approach for Keeping Requirements and Acceptance Tests Aligned via Automatically Generated Guidance. Information and Software Technology 110:17–38.