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Department of Informatics Information Management Research Group

Group Memory Support

Design Thinking (DT) teams face complicated challenges and wicked problems, which require excellent knowledge management. Team members arrange a number of tools to work with; they create a patchwork consisting of digital media (interview recordings), real artifacts (prototypes), models (drawings) combined by their collective memory and agreements. Nevertheless, as observed in other projects, teams tend to forget important results of their common work. As time goes by, they are not able to remind themselves of specific premise taken or reasoning behind particular choices. Reviews of meetings are difficult, due to missing or incomplete notes, and are expensive. As collective memory is not a sum of individual memories, but rather their intersection, reaching a common understanding of past meetings generates additional trouble.

Post-processing screen of the first prototype.

This project aims at closing the gap, by providing natural and seamless tool for supporting collective group memory of design teams. In particular, it asks whether creating semantically annotated, video-based documentation of co-located meetings supports the recovery of collective memory. The related research focuses therefore on such questions as:

1. How to design a system for seamless and easy annotation of videos?

2. How to integrate such systems into co-located meetings?

3. How to ensure recovery of collective memory in post-processing?

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