Student Projects 2022

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Student Projects 2022

Student Topic Task Type Supervisor Deadline
Prokofjevs Andris Stresstesting a Distributed Communication Platform (Digital Message in a Bottle) Task (PDF, 85 KB) Independent Study Sven Helmer 30.11.2022
Lukas Vollenweider

Optimizatlon of LempehZiv Entropy Rate Estimator for Numerical Tlme series

Task (PDF, 111 KB) MSc Jamal Mohammed 1.9.2022
Xinyu Zhu
Andrianos Michail

lmplementing and evaluating different algorithms for connectivity queries on fully dynamic graphs

Task (PDF, 125 KB) MSc Project Qing Chen
Sven Helmer
Andrin Rehmann Orthogonal Recursive Bisection on the GPU for Accelerated Load Balancing in Large
N-Body Simulations
  BSc Michael Böhlen 14.8.2022
Nicoletta Farabullini Indexing Videos Containing Human Motion in the Form of Dance Task (PDF, 86 KB) MSc Sven Helmer 1.5.2022
Andris Prokofjevs Digital Message in a Bottle Task (PDF, 108 KB) MSc Sven Helmer 1.4.2022
Laura Toedtli Exhaustive enumeration of variable-length motifs in time series Task (PDF, 199 KB) MSc Michael Böhlen 6.3.2022
Xiaozhe Yao

Implementing Learned Cardinality Estimation in a Database Systems Context

Task (PDF, 85 KB) MSc Michael Böhlen
Anton Dignös
Qing Chen