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Department of Informatics Database Technology

Theses Archive

Student Projects 2015

Student Topic Report Task Type Supervisor Deadline
Toni Pesut QR decomposition integration into PostgreSQL BSc Oksana Dolmatova 12.11.2015
Jasmin Ebner Integrity Constraints in Temporal Ground and Now-Relative Databases V Yvonne Mülle 8.12.2015
Martin Spielmann Apps Frequently Installed Together MSc Prof. Michael Böhlen 16.9.2015
Raphael Matile Spezifikation und Implementation einer Such-API Software-Projekt   14.8.2015
Gionata Genazzi Temporal Filtering to Improve Temporal Duplicate Detection BSc Pei Li 26.7.2015
Oliver Leumann Structuring and Processing Temporal Probabilistic Data in Migros MScPA Prof. Michael Böhlen 16.7.2015
Peter Niederberger Development of a light-weight mobile app for the Swiss Feed Database FA Francesco Cafagna 15.7.2015
Simon Rüegg Implementing grouping factors in nutrient statistics V Francesco Cafagna 30.6.2015
Mohit Narang Integrating "Now" as Variable With Basic Querying Functionality Into PostgreSQL MScBasis Yvonne Mülle 16.4.2015
Remo Koch Enhanced ePortfolio Management (Penguin) Software-Projekt Prof. Michael Böhlen 13.3.2015
Benedikt Steger Visualization of nutrient/nutrient relationships FA Francesco Cafagna 20.1.2015