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Department of Informatics Database Technology


  • Die erweiterte Futtermitteldatenbank. BauernZeitung Magazine, 2013.
  • The Swiss feed database a GIS-based analysis platform. A. Bracher, P. Schlegel, M. Böhlen, F. Cafagna and A. Taliun. The 64th annual meeting of European Federation of animal science (EAAP) 2013.
  • Graphical Analysis of spatio-temporal Patterns in Forage Quality. A. Bracher, M. Böhlen, A. Taliun, and F. Cafagna. 22nd International Grasslands Congress (IGC) 2013.
  • Efficient Evaluation of Ad-hoc Range Aggregates. C. Ammendola, M. Böhlen, and J. Gamper. 15th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (DEXA) 2013. download
  • Query time scaling of attribute values in interval timestamped databases. A. Dignos, M. Böhlen, and J. Gamper. IEEE 29th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) 2013. download
  • A GIS-based Data Analysis Platform for Analyzing the Time-Varying Quality of Animal Feed and its Impact on the Environment. A. Taliun, M. Böhlen, A. Bracher and F. Cafagna. International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software 2012. download
  • Die Schweizerische Futtermitteldatenbank M. Boltshauser, A. Bracher, M. Böhlen, F. Cafagna and A. Taliun. AGRARFORSCHUNG SCHWEIZ 2012. download
  • Parsimonious temporal aggregation. J. Gordevicius, J. Gamper and M. Böhlen. VLDB JOURNAL 2012. download
  • Feeding Time! M. Böhlen and M. Boltshauser. International Innovation Journal 2012.
  • Sequenced spatiotemporal aggregation for coarse query granularities. I. Timko, M. Böhlen and J. Gamper. VLDB JOURNAL 2011. download

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