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Department of Informatics Database Technology

The Swiss Feed Database

The Swiss Feed Database is a public service for companies, private farmers and research institutions. Feed data characterizes the quality of grown, imported and synthetic feed types, which originate from feed samples collected from all parts of Switzerland. Feed quality comprises feed properties, nutrient content and derived nutritive values of feedstuffs used for livestock. The essence of feed data are nutrient measurements that are multi-valued, sparse, and highly correlated. The Tameus project is an SNF supported collaboration between the University of Zürich and Agroscope. Our goal is to design and implement new database techniques for modeling, aggregating and analyzing feed data and to establish a reference for current and historical feed data. We evolve the Swiss Feed Database towards a multi-dimensional model that supports the aggregation and analysis of time-varying feed data for different time periods and for various biological, technical and spatial properties.


Research Team

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Böhlen,
  • Monika Boltshauser,
  • Annelies Bracher,
  • Francesco Cafagna,
  • Andrej Taliun.


  • Meetings - this page contains presentation slides, goals or other information from meetings between the research partners,
  • Student Projects - this page contains information about the student projects,
  • Resources - this page contains various content that compose and describe the Feed Database.
  • Development - this page contains instroctions for the developers of the Swiss Feed Database.

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