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Department of Informatics Computation and Economics Research Group

Independent Studies in Economics and Computation

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Sven Seuken
Teaching Assistants:

Vitor Bosshard, Gianluca Brero, Ludwig Dierks, Dr. Timo Mennle,
Dmitry Moor, Steffen Schuldenzucker

Teaching Language English
Level BSc, MSc
Academic Semester Every semester
Time By appointment
AP (ECTS): 6 (including a mark)

Course Content

Students will be engaged in independent research projects on a topic related to Economics and Computation. The research topic will be chosen after consulting with Prof. Sven Seuken (students can suggest their own topics). At the end of the semester, students will submit a final report describing the progress on their research project. Furthermore, they will present the results of their research to the Economics and Computation Research Group.

Teaching Format and Setup

All meetings will be by appointment, either with Prof. Seuken or with the teaching assistants. At the end of the semester, we may schedule one day where all students present the results from their research projects.


Explicit consent from the instructor (contact Prof. Seuken by email).

Target Audience

Suitable for BSc and MSc students who have successfully completed the course "Economics and Computation" (or who have obtained similar knowledge elsewhere), and who want to work on a small independent research project for one semester. Note: we only have a few suitable research projects available and thus we can only accept a few students for independent study research per semester.

Teaching/Learning Goals

  1. Conducting a literature review.
  2. Being able to independently read research papers on economics and computation.
  3. Being able to critically evaluate and discuss research papers and identify open research problems.
  4. Being able to conduct independent research on a clearly defined problem.
  5. Writing a technical paper describing the research progress.


1. Final paper (~15 pages, LNCS format).
2. Presenting the research project to the Computation and Economics Research Group.


1. Final paper: 70%
2. Presentation: 30%

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