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Department of Informatics Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies


General Information

The BDLT offers various types of theses, including Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Master Project, and Independent Study. The list below provides the titles, types, and responsible supervisors for each thesis. Therefore, please choose the thesis that interests you and get in touch with the designated supervisor mentioned.

If your desired topic is not currently listed, please feel free to reach out to any BDLT supervisor for an informal meeting. They might have new ideas that are not yet included in the list or may be open to considering your own suggestions.

Abbreviations utilized below read as follows:
  • BA: Bachelor Thesis
  • MA: Master Thesis
  • IS:  Independent Study
  • MAP: Master Project


Each type of thesis work (BA, IS, MAP, or MA) must adhere to its own set of structural and content requirements. This ensures that the resulting thesis meets a high standard of quality when presented in written form, showcasing the student's effort, input, and dedication.

Open Theses

Title Level Responsible Person


BA/MA Dr. Dany Kamuhanda
Evaluating-Human-Readiness-and-Perception-in-Using-Web3-Apps MA Dr. Dany Kamuhanda
Voting-Mechanisms-in-Decentralized-Autonomous-Organisations MA Florian Spychiger
Detection-of-Selfish-Mining-Behaviors-in-PoW-Systems BA Sheng Nan Li
Agent-based-Modelling-of-Selfish-Mining-Behaviors-in-PoW-Consensus MA Sheng Nan Li
Enhancing-the-Cardano-Blockchain’s-Testnet-Efficiency BA/MA Dr. Sina Rafati Niya
Implementing-a-Wallet-for-a-Cardano-Blockchain-Testnet BA/MA Dr. Sina Rafati Niya
Asset-and-Entity-based-Analysis-of-Metaverse-Platforms BA/MA Dr. Sina Rafati Niya
Price-anomalies-and-abnormal-activities-on-decentralized-exchanges MA Tao Yan
Identifying-Potential-Attackers-in-the-Cryptocurrency-System BA/MA Qianyu Liu
Transaction-Patterns-Difference-Between-Illegal-and-Legal-Users MA Yu Zhang
Social-Media-Analysis-to-Identify-Cryptocurrency-Market-Trends MA Mostafa Chegeni
Blockchain-Data-Parser-and-Storage MAP Mostafa Chegeni
Agent-based-Modelling-of-Stellar-Consensus-Protocol MA Parminder Kaur Makode