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Department of Informatics Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies


In the group of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, we are interested in the modelling of complex socio-economic-technical systems, in which nodes represent the system constituents and links, the interrelationships between them. Exactly we focus on cryptoeconomics, big-data blockchain analytics and forensics, design of blockchain-based systems, characterisation of economic incentives, network and data sciences, agent-based modelling, systems design, game theory and quantitative finance. We have developed an extensive research record around blockchain. We stand that DLT-based systems are paramount examples of complex socio-economic-technical systems. The large-scale properties they evince (consensus at the technical level, trust at the social level, wealth and power accumulation at the economic level) are non-trivial properties that can only be understood by comprehending the link between micro-level behaviour of the multiple, heterogeneous agents that compose them; their continuous interactions and the rules they must abide. To achieve these goals, we perform large-scale data analysis, minimalistic modelling aimed at uncovering mechanisms behind regularities observed. As such, we are among the leading research groups for interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Blockchain and DLT-based systems.