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Department of Informatics Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

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Blockchain and Crypto Economics

Blockchain and Crypto Economics


This course aims to give students a fundamental overview of a set of Blockchains and Crypto Economic concepts and incentives. Much is spoken about the trading markets around cryptocurrencies and other tokenized assets. However, little is discussed about different economic and social aspects that enable the functioning of blockchain- based systems. Thus, this course overviews the incentive schemes embedded at different levels that ultimately determine the long-term functioning of these systems and digs into real-world use-cases of this technology, critically analyzing the suitability of their implementation within each context.


-    Dr Nicolo Vallarano (theory and practice)

-    Dr Sina Rafati (theory and practice)

- Sheng-Nan Li


Type: Lecture
Target Audience: This course is acknowledged for BA and MA students and is assigned to the Core elective areas „Wahlpflichtbereich”:
-    Information Systems (INF1), Data Science (INF5), Artificial Intelligence (INF6) 
-    Marketing (BMC) 
-    OEC elective area 

Frequency: Each Fall Semester
AP (ECTS): 6
Language: English
Programming skills in any of the popular general purpose programming languages (C++, Java, Python). Optional experience in Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for building Web applications.

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