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Department of Informatics ZEST

Theses & Projects

What we offer

How to join ZEST

Whenever a new student joins ZEST, we consider them as junior research members of  ZEST and our goal is to make sure that they can achieve their best results during their work.

For this reason, we carefully investigate the previous knowledge and interests of the candidate. This allows us to determine what would be a good fit in terms of topic and supervision.

If you are interested in a student project with us, we ask you therefore to send an email to zest with the following information:

  • a recent transcript with the list of courses taken so far and a list of any other courses that you are currently following or plan to follow during your student project's time with ZEST;
  • which publications in our team (see the most updated list here) fit your current interests and expertise and why;
  • any other topics in which you would be interested for your student project and why.

As we receive your email, we will reply to you shortly to setup a 25-minute meeting to discuss about your case in a one-to-one meeting.