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On Best Rank One Approximation of Tensors

Shmuel Friedland, Volker Mehrmann, Renato Pajarola and Susanne K. Suter
Year: 2013
Research area: Scientific Visualization
Type of Publication: Journal
Keywords: mathematics, tensor approximation
Book title: Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications

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@article{FMPS:13, Author = {Friedland, Shmuel and Mehrmann, Volker and Pajarola, Renato and Suter, Susanne K.}, Journal = {Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications}, Keywords = {mathematics, tensor approximation}, Publisher = {Wiley}, Title = {On Best Rank One Approximation of Tensors}, Number = {6}, Pages = {942--955}, Volume = {20}, Year = {2013}}

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