Susanne K. Suter

Susanne K. Suter, Dr.

Former Research Assistant/PhD Student

Additional information

I graduated with a MSc in computer science from University of Zurich in spring 2005. Both my semester (CT-based virtual reconstruction of a bog body) and my diploma thesis (MRI-based morphometric analysis of the upper vocal tract) dealt with the topic of biomedical imaging. After working in the private industry for two and a half years, I returned to research to do my PhD in the domain of biomedical visualization at the VMML.

Research Interest

Current methods of non-invasive micro-structural material and tissue analysis, such as micro computed tomography (µCT) or synchrotron tomography (ST), permit resolutions of spatial detail at the micro- to sub-micrometer scale, and the resulting data volumes can reach 100 gigabytes (GB). These large and complex structural data volumes represent a challenge for interactive visual exploration and quantitative analysis, notably because they cannot be processed with current 3D imaging software. The aim of this project is to develop new computer graphics algorithms and visualization systems, which permit extraction, quantification and interactive display of features from very large structural volume data (VLSVD) sets. These software tools will be used to analyze VLSVD acquired via various 3D scanning techniques such as µCT and ST. For experimental validation we will primarily use data from fossil hominid teeth (daily growth patterns) and bone tissue (trabecular complexity); data sets from other material analysis application domains will also be used.

My PhD project is positioned chiefly in computer science, i.e. algorithm and software development, but intersects strongly with application domains, such as palaeoanthropology, structural biology, and materials science. It will be performed in the framework of a research collaboration between the Department of Informatics and the Anthropological Institute.