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Department of Informatics

Admission and Registration

Admission process

In order to be able to apply for the PhD program, the following procedure applies.

1. Find a supervisor

A prerequisite for the application is to find a professor from the Department of Informatics who is willing to supervise your project: Open Positions

2. Request admission to the department

After you have found a supervisor you have to complete the following form: Request for Admission to the PhD Program in Informatics (PDF, 82 KB)

Please send the following documents to the PhD Program Coordinator:

  • Request for admission signed by your supervisor
  • Scans of your Bachelor’s and Master's transcripts of records
    Scans of your Bachelor's and Master's diplomas

Once you have received the necessary signature from the IfI’s Doctoral Committee on the request form you can start the official application process at the University of Zurich (step 3).

3. Request admission to the University of Zurich

Please register at the University of Zurich’s online portal. The Department of Informatics (IfI) belongs to the Faculty of "Economics, Business Administration and Informatics" and the program is designed as “individual doctorate”.

  • Note that this process is separate from the Department of Informatics and has the following deadlines.
  • For questions concerning the admission to the University of Zurich please contact the Admission Office.

4. Wait for the Admission Office’s decision

If all admission requirements are fulfilled, you will receive the decision on admission from the University of Zurich Admissions Office. You can then matriculate at the University of Zurich and begin your doctoral studies. 


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