Doctoral Programs of the Department of Informatics

The Doctoral Program of the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich focus on five fields: Information Systems, Software Systems, People-Oriented Computing, Computing and Economics and Data Science. Our program enable talented students the start in an academic career or becoming a high potential for industry. On the following pages you will learn more about our outstanding doctoral programs.

Two different tracks are being offered whose selections depend on the academic backgrounds of the applicants.

Students with a Master's Degree

A student with an excellent Master's degree (likewise a German diploma) will be offered a four semester course program. This consists of core courses on research methodology as well as research specific courses depending on the focus of the doctoral program. Students are encouraged to attend inhouse and off-site Summer Schools to deepen their research skills. At latest at the end of the sixth semester, students write their thesis proposals and start working on their dissertation research under the supervision of a faculty member.

Excellent Students with a Bachelor's Degree

Any excellent student with a Bachelor's degree may apply for a "fast-track" program. Students start with Master courses and earn their Master's degrees after three semesters of coursework (90 ECTS) and a Master thesis; if permitted, they then go on with their doctoral course work and their dissertation. The fast track program may save excellent and ambitious students up to two semesters. One particular advantage is that their master thesis (30 ECTS) may serve as a research proposal if it is of outstanding quality. After their research proposals have been approved, students start with their dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member.