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Department of Informatics

Spring Term 2008

Date Speaker Title Place Lang. Host
21.2.2008 Lee McKnight
Syracuse University, U.S.A.
Virtual Markets and Wireless Grids: From Theory to Commerce BIN 2.A.01 English Burkhard Stiller
6.3.2008 Gustavo Alonso
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
The Ganymed Approach to Scalable and Extensible Database Architectures BIN 2.A.01 English Abraham Bernstein & Harald Gall
27.3.2008 Carlo Ghezzi
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Dynamically Evolvable Software: Revisiting the Boundary between Development Time and Run Time BIN 2.A.01 English Harald Gall
3.4.2008 Anastasia Ailamaki
EPFL, Switzerland, and CMU, USA
Computational Support and Automated Physical Design for Scientific Applications BIN 2.A.01 English Abraham Bernstein
17.4.2008 Thomas Martinetz,
University of Lübeck, Germany
Pattern Recognition with Sparse Coding BIN 2.A.01 English Rolf Pfeifer
22.5.2008 Marilyn Tremaine,
Rutgers University, USA
Where is “it”? Event Synchronization in Gaze-Speech Input Systems BIN 2.A.01 English Gerd Schwabe
29.5.2008 Werner Schneider,
LMU München, Germany
Attention, Perception and Eye Movements: Experimental Studies and Implications of Cognitive Technical Systems BIN 2.A.01 English Rolf Pfeifer
16.7.2008 Prem Devanbu
University of California at Davis, USA
Chapels in the Bazaar? Community structure in Open-Source Projects BIN 2.A.01 English Bernstein, Gall, & Glinz

General Information

The colloquia are held in English and take place on Thursdays from 5.15 to 6.30 PM in room 2.A.01 at the Department of Informatics (ifi), Binzmühlestrasse 14, 8050 Zürich. After the talks there is time for discussions and to exchange ideas while enjoying a glass of wine or a soft drink and munchies.

Visiting a colloquium is free of charge and does not require registration.

Flyer for download (PDF, 64 KB)

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