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Department of Informatics s.e.a.l

Seminar: Programming Languages and Paradigms


Dr. sc. Carol Alexandru


Programming languages can be classified into one or more paradigms. Going beyond the most popular and frequently encountered paradigms, such as object-orientation, students will learn about the reasoning and constituents of a variety of programming paradigms, including but not limited to: functional, logic, event-driven, reactive, concurrent, imperative vs. declarative, and side-effect-free programming as well as lambda calculus, message passing, pipelines and assembly. The course will begin with a lecture giving a broad overview of programming paradigms. Every student will then pick one programming language to explore and learn. They will then implement a minimum of two pre- specified programs. All students will be implementing the same tasks, but in different languages, such that by the end of the semester, a comparison of solutions and paradigmatic differences is made possible. Students will need to write a seminar paper, do a peer-review, and give a presentation.

Further Information

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