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Chit-chat talks

Chit-Chat PhD Award

Every MSA participant could give 3 votes to chit-chat talks of PhD students. Note that participants could not vote for a student whom you do have a conflict of interest with – i.e., former or current students. Chit-chat presenters were not allowed to vote.

And the winners of the CSF PhD student talk award are:

  • Abram Hindle, University of Waterloo, Canada Divining Purpose: Finding Intelligent Design in Software Evolution
  • Christian Bird, UC Davis, USA
The Effect of Change Semantics on Coordination Requirements

Tuesday, 16-17.30

Presenter Affiliation Talk
Amancio Bouza Univ of Zurich Recommender System based on Model Similarity
Lile Hattori Univ Lugano Supporting Collaboration with Synchronous Changes
Giacomo Ghezzi Univ of Zurich SOFAS - Rethinking software analysis with web services and semantic web
Alberto Bacchelli Univ Lugano The Role of E-Mails in Software Development
Ahmed Lamkanfi Univ Antwerp Impact analysis of software maintenance using software traceability
Frank Steinbrückner TU Cottbus
Patrick Knab Univ of Zurich Discovering Visual Patterns in Software Process Data
Sandro Boccuzzo Univ of Zurich Sensing Software
Christian Bird UC Davis The Effect of Change Semantics on Coordination Requirements

Open for scheduling

Presenter Affiliation Talk
Serge Demeyer Univ Antwerp Mining execution traces for design anomalies
Kim Herzig Saarland Univ Mining the Long-term impact of changes

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