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Department of Informatics Robotics and Perception Group

RPG Quadrotor Control Framework


Code and Documentation on GitHub

You can find all the code and documentations on GitHub. The framework is released under a MIT license.


This open-source software contains a complete framework for flying quadrotors based on control algorithms developed by the Robotics and Perception Group. We also provide an interface to the RotorS Gazebo plugins to use our algorithms in simulation. Together with the provided simple trajectory generation library, this can be used to test our sofware in simulation only. We also provide some utility to command a quadrotor with a gamepad through our framework as well as some calibration routines to compensate for varying battery voltage. Finally, we provide an interface to communicate with flight controllers used for First-Person-View racing.

The theory behind the included algorithms is summarized in the theory document contained in the main repository as well as in our RA-L18 Paper (PDF, 3 MB) with a technical report attached for further details as well as in our RA-L17 Paper (PDF, 1 MB).

The main rpg_quadrotor_control repository makes use of some basic functionalities from the rpg_quadrotor_common repository and when working with real hardware, the GPIO and ADC functionalities in the rpg_single_board_io repository might come in handy.

In our Wiki you find installation instructions and documentation on how to use the framework and how to replicate one of our very powerful quadrotors.


Differential Flatness of Quadrotor Dynamics Subject to Rotor Drag for Accurate Trajectory Tracking


Differential Flatness of Quadrotor Dynamics Subject to Rotor Drag (ICRA18 Video Teaser)



M. Faessler, A. Franchi, and D. Scaramuzza, Differential Flatness of Quadrotor Dynamics Subject to Rotor Drag for Accurate Tracking of High-Speed Trajectories, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), 2018. PDF (PDF, 3 MB)BibTeX (BIB, 504 bytes)VideoICRA18 Video Teaser


M. Faessler, D. Falanga, and D. Scaramuzza, Thrust Mixing, Saturation, and Body-Rate Control for Accurate Aggressive Quadrotor Flight, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), 2017. PDF (PDF, 1 MB)BibTeX (BIB, 494 bytes)Video